The Long Road Home / Two Truths And A Lie

by Old Growth & Adam! France

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This split was recorded in the Winter of 2013-14, in Adam France's Garage. This album is all live recordings. We have plans to make this into a vinyl, and tour off this in the near future.

If you have any money to donate to us so we can press and tour off of this album, any amount would be a help. If you don't have anything, the album is up for free download, because we'd rather have you listen to our music for free than not listen to it at all.

We miss you Coltyn. Stay safe.


released December 31, 2013

Thank you to Adam for recording, and making this possible.



all rights reserved


Old Growth; Ancient Forest Bremerton, Washington

Bremerton Folk-Punk

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Track Name: Old Growth - The Valley
Down in the valley of my soul
Where the silent men walk and weep
I may have finally found a purpose
In this great solidarity
In this great solidarity

Now that I have found a road that I can take
I can shed all my insecurities
The ones that I keep buried deep down in my chest
Now I can finally breathe
Now I can finally breathe

Anxiety is an avalanche
You won't see it coming 'till you're dead
And it'll make it seem so wrong
It'll all seem wrong in your head
It'll all seem wrong in your head
It'll all seem wrong in your head
'Till you fall asleep, or you're dead

There's a voice in my head asking me where I think I'm going
And I tell him that I go where I want
Cause the past may be littered by the bones that you break,
But the path is just the steps that you take
And the road may seem uncertain at first
But the past is where you make your mistakes
Track Name: Old Growth - Clocks
Maybe we're all just cogs in some grand machine
And I know that you're worried that you're not where you're supposed to be
Right here, right now, and I know how, you got here
Through thirteen billion years of cause and effect
The atoms in your body have not always been like that
They were forged in the core of a star long ago
And now they're asking me, "How am I supposed to know
What to do?" and so I say to you,
Live your life and only do the things that you want to

I believe not in a higher power, but in cause and effect
I believe in self-written destiny, but also that we're products of our environments
Just ask any psychopath, how great their family was to them
And then go ask all the fish in the sea, oh how they like the dams

Maybe we're all just cogs interacting with gears
And gears turning the hand on a clock
And that clock may not have some grand purpose
But it will keep on ticking

Cause we're still moving, still interacting
And nothing's gonna stop us, no, nothing's gonna stop me
From loving every human being that I meet, or getting to the places that I want to be
Like going into space, or maybe staying close to home
And eradicating all the bigotry and hatred in the world
Cause we're all fish in one big bowl, and that's something that everybody need to know
Track Name: Old Growth - Home Alone
Humans, when we write poetry and songs,
try to relate ourselves to nature and all our moms,
but we never once pause to see the inconvenient truth,
that we are not 'like' nature, but part of a whole.

Not similar, but one and the same.
These processes are driving me insane.
Tectonic movements, and tidal currents abound,
chemical reactions, and seasonal migrations across these age old bridges of stone.

Expeditions not into the 'heart of darkness', but into the hearts of men
climbing like vines over rocks, far up to the lonely peaks
where summit celebrates man, and man celebrates life
The only goal I've ever achieved that makes me feel alive

The grassy floors of the rainshadow are so loud at night
those high alpine ridges are the walls of my house.
And if these walls could talk, my house would be screaming,
and I just want to know the meaning... of it all.

I'll lock the doors, if you flush the keys
and we can live together in harmony
for the first time since people have been people

I'll get the packs, if you get the car
We can sit up under the billions of stars
And wonder who we are

I'll get the grub, if you grab the beers
We can sit up in the clouds and talk about the things we fear
Divorce, obesity, girls and poverty
All functions of this broken society
Except girls, because I'm just scarred of rejection...

But I'm getting better
But I'm getting better

With every word that I sing, I am home on the range
And I'll never leave my home again

With every word that I sing, I go a little less insane
In my brain, in my brain, in my brain

With every word that I sing, I am home on the range
And I'll never leave my home again

And if these walls could talk, my house would be screaming
And I just want to know the meaning
Of it all, of it all

With every word that I sing I am home on the range
And I'll never be along again
Track Name: Old Growth - Legacy
Say goodbye every time that you leave,
Say I love you every time you say goodbye,
Cause you might not get another chance,
To see that person alive.
To see that person alive.

I was reading high in the mountains,
When a giant bald eagle flew by,
I looked him straight in the eye, and I saw
They were made out of galaxies.
They were made out of galaxies.

I saw everyone that I'd ever known,
Everyone that I'd ever cared about,
Hanging onto a single mote of dust,
Suspended in a sunbeam.
Suspended in a sunbeam.

Say goodbye every time that you leave,
Say I love you every time you say goodbye,
Cause you might not get another chance,
To see that person alive.
To see that person alive.

They say that everyone dies twice,
Once when our body meets our grave,
And again when the last person that loves us,
For the final time says our name.
For the final time says our name.

We only have what we remember,
And sometimes, all I remember is me.
Don't be like me, remember all your friends.
They will be your legacy.
Track Name: Adam! France - On Being Under
Come find me hiding in our secret place. Remember that old parking lot where we used to drink our nights away? It’s been ages since I’ve seen your face. And I’ve been desperate for another chance to beg you to stay. Remember what you said? “We will meet again. Don’t give up on me.” Remember my reply? “Until the day I die, you’ll be in my head.” It’s been raining ever since you left. I’ve been down and I’ve been out and I’ve been longing for that beating in your chest. An eternity awaiting bottled messages. and holding your name on my tongue waiting for the day I see you next. But you’ve been locked up underneath. My misfortune and my grief come in waves of forgotten sounds. I’d pack up my whole life and leave if you could promise to be waiting there for me when I come back around. But now you’re underground.
Track Name: Adam! France - Vendetta
Vendetta: Close your eyes and tell me the last time you felt sorry for anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t answer me. I want you to know there’s hatred for you in every fiber of my being. I hope in the end I get to be the one to clip your dirty wings. I want you to hurt so bad that you finally know what it’s like to feel. I hope it stings. I think I’ve found you’re perfect matches. I’ll strike, sit back and laugh. I’ll feed the flames as the fire catches, and bask in the aftermath. I hope that your lungs fill with smoke. And you smolder out. Ignore the consequences for as long as you can bear. What will you do when you find there’s no one there? Can you feel it? Show me what’s pumping through your veins. I hope you feel it. When you hit the ground. When I clip your wings.
Track Name: Adam! France - About Me
I can’t enjoy anything at all. I guess I’m better off alone and unhappy. Again. But I guess a lot of that’s my fault. I’ve let all these fucking people ruin me for way too long. We don’t have a single thing in common. The way you live your life disgusts me. I hope I never see you again. Can’t you see I’ve been having a hard enough time with my own internal problems? I keep bearing all for you. I wish I could think of a single thing that makes me happy on a constant, daily basis, besides my own despondency. Wish I could turn around my life, but this hole I’ve dug is too deep. The sad fact is I can’t deny that I’ve pushed almost everything away. The only thing that I’ve got left to say is: I hope at the end of the day you wind up miserable just like me.